The Meaning of Life

Most of our lives we filter our actions through the idea that we have a “special purpose”.

It’s hard to accept that our efforts would be largely pointless and quickly forgotten in our indifferent universe.

That search for our big, existential purpose often blinds us from the stuff we actually enjoy and keeps us from being with people that truly matter. in this way, Rick provides some serious catharsis for the audience.

we see someone who is so disaffected and cynical, actually gain enjoyment from being around his friends and family.

Its through Rick, that the show tells us too embrace life, revel in it, and ultimately… not take it too seriously.
Rick告诉我们,去拥抱生命, 在生活中狂欢,并且根本的一点:对待生活不要过于的严肃。

“The answer is, don’t think about it.” — Rick
“答案就是,压根别去想这事儿。” — 瑞克

In our post modern age, religion, ideology, science and even common values don’t always provide a meaning for our existence and it can be extremely isolating.

Rick and Morty doesn’t suggest that our search for existential meaning won’t continue

It only asks, if it’s a question worth answering when a meaningful life can be found through friends, family, and new experiences.

Indeed, the only thing more terrifying than not existing, or not knowing why you exist is

existing and having no one too share it with.